Sunday, 6 May 2012

Mother's Day Card

Mother's day is coming, have you all buy a present or make a card for your dearest mummy?I have intend to make a card for my mummy...Since my mummy prefer we made by our own for the card...So, I try to search in you tube for the creative mother's day card.... I have able to find one which will give a 3D feel when you open the card, it is with flower....I think my mummy will like it...The making of this card had hurt my thumb when I was cutting the paper, now the wound is still there and when I wash my hands or take bath, it is very pain...Hope that my mummy will happy when see it next week...When I saw her smile everything is worth and my pain too...Mummy, I really love you so much.....

The front part of the card.                                             Inner part of the card. the flowers will pop up when    
                                                                                    you open the card. 

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