Sunday, 25 August 2013

Plantation of Mushroom - Cameron Highlands

Hey Guys and girls, have you ever pay a visit at the mushroom plantation area? If not, You should pay a visit at S Corner, Cameron Highlands because you will be definitely attracted by the cute little mushroom which were various in size, shape and also colour. You will able to see how the mushroom were being grown and it is also a very good chance for the teacher to educate their students. Wish to see some of it? Take a look on it. ^^

Cute right? I doesn't know what are their names, sorry for that. However, the workers at there sure able to give you the answer. So, just pay a visit to S Corner if you wish to see all this cute mushroom.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Earn Money Online - 8share

The Private Rewards Club for Social Media Users

If you like getting free stuff, extra cash every month and being the first to introduce something new, this is the place for you.

Many people came across and

ask me, “Hey, how can you earn money by just online surfing the internet?”.

Definitely my answer to them,

“I play 8Share!”.

The Private Rewards Club for Social Media Users.


8Share, is one of the online earning method.

8Share is established by SAYS

which is a very reputable online social advertising networking in Malaysia.

The concept is quite simple.

You share good things with your friends and you get rewarded!

So, let’s get started!

Sign up now!

Click HERE to Sign up.

Share the “Specials”, hereby the “Specials” means the advertisements.

Get Rewarded by sharing the “Specials”

You would see a lot of “Specials” in the website.

Each “Specials” is limited to certain amount (i.e. RM5-RM30).

Each unique visit will reward you range from (RM0.20-RM0.30).

Get Rewarded by just sharing goodies with frens? let’s do it

A lot of trending news available! Let’s grab them!

How to start?

Starting is always the hardest part in any process. Luckily, 8Share is very user-friendly!

Step 1 of 3: Just click on any available “Specials” to begin.

Choose any “Specials”
Step 2 of 3: Customize your message to your audience. Select from the pre-designed one.

Which one get your hearts?
Step 3 of 3: Share on you Facebook, Google+ or Twitter or any other platform!

Click on the Share buttons!

Put your interesting words in your Facebook Status!

Finally, you can check your earning on the Dashboard.

There is a short link on the Dashboard, the link is used for invitation,

you will get reward RM1.00 when you invited one new people.

Check your earning on your Dashboard.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

8share Cash Out

Normally 8Share Cash out will take you a duration of 20-30 days. If you know when they process the cash out request, you can avoid waiting for the long duration to get processed. Indeed, there is certain days that 8Share process their cash out request. Officially, 8share processes the cash out request on every first and third Monday of the weeks. Meaning, if you (as a 8share account holder) cash out before the processing date (1st and 3rd Monday of the month), you will only get processed on the first and third Monday. The following is the exact date for your reference on which day you should cash out. 

Press the Cash out Button!

Press Cash out Now! only when you reach an amount of RM50

Fill in all your details correctly.

Fill in Your details to Cash outt


  1. Fill in the name as in your I.C.
  2. The I.C. Number should no include any dashes, “-”. (i.e. 880105081234)
  3. Select your bank name.
  4. Bank account number should not include dashes as well (i.e. 11007766331234)
  5. Phone number also without dashes. (i.e. 0118891234)

Double check your information.

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