Thursday, 8 August 2013

8share Cash Out

Normally 8Share Cash out will take you a duration of 20-30 days. If you know when they process the cash out request, you can avoid waiting for the long duration to get processed. Indeed, there is certain days that 8Share process their cash out request. Officially, 8share processes the cash out request on every first and third Monday of the weeks. Meaning, if you (as a 8share account holder) cash out before the processing date (1st and 3rd Monday of the month), you will only get processed on the first and third Monday. The following is the exact date for your reference on which day you should cash out. 

Press the Cash out Button!

Press Cash out Now! only when you reach an amount of RM50

Fill in all your details correctly.

Fill in Your details to Cash outt


  1. Fill in the name as in your I.C.
  2. The I.C. Number should no include any dashes, “-”. (i.e. 880105081234)
  3. Select your bank name.
  4. Bank account number should not include dashes as well (i.e. 11007766331234)
  5. Phone number also without dashes. (i.e. 0118891234)

Double check your information.

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