Sunday, 8 September 2013

What You Can Earn through Surfing the Internet?

Hey Friends, are you spending lots of time in surfing through the internet but gained nothing at last? Instead of wasting your time in browsing through facebook, twitter or other social platforms, you just need a few minutes to earn points From WhohAA for redemption of great deals. Have you heard about WhohAA? It is a platform that let you to earn points through reviewing the ads from the sponsor and by accumulating your points, you can redeem the good stuffs of your choice. It costs you nothing but rewards you with points. All points are sponsored by the sponsors in return for your effort to understand their key message. This is the revolutionary medium where you get rewarded to redeem products of your choices.

Here is the homepage of WhoHAA!

Take a look on how WhoHAA works!

This is some examples of ads that will rewards you with points after you review the ads and there are still lots more on that.

Here is some examples of gift for redeem and there are lots more of great stuffs that are waiting for you!!!

I am just signing up as a WhoHAA member last week and lucky enough, I am one of the every 3rd sign-up member who qualified for the RM10 4 in 1 voucher (KFC, Pizza Hut, Ayamas/Rasamas), Hehe...What are you waiting for? Sign Up now and become the next lucky person!


rotloi said...

nice blog you have .. I also have play this... do visit my blog ..

Xavier Chang said...

Thanks, I have visited yours too, nice!

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