Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Earn Money Online - EmailCashPro is a Scam Meh?

EmailCashPro is the First FREE “Get Paid To Read Emails Site” in Singapore and is now expanding its reaches to other parts of the world. It is actually based on the idea of paying you to read emails that you are interested in. the principle is just very simple, here is the simple steps you need to do:

1) Decide what you want to receive 
Choose your area of interest from 30 different categories, including mobile phones, personal development, dating opportunities, investing, travel, digital products, etc. Let the best deals look for you instead of searching for them!

2) Get paid to read your interested emails 
EmailCashPro system will match your interest and profile with the email advertisements called SoloAds. Each SoloAd comes with a clear subject headline. If you are interested in the subject, open and read those emails and get paid at the same time!

3) Explode your earnings with the referral system 
Leverage on EmailCashPro system, invite your friends to join this wonderful program for FREE and see your earnings grow exponently!
The most powerful part of EmailCashPro is the 4 level referral system. When you refer other people to join EmailCashPro, you will receive 50% of your referral's earnings on level 1, 20% of your referral's earnings on level 2, 15% of your referral's earnings on level 3 and 10% of your referral's earnings on level 4.

Never underestimate the power of cents. With the 4 level referral system, your income can easily be in the order of $100s a month!
“I’d rather have 1 percent of 100 people’s efforts than 100 percent of my own.” - J. Paul Getty, one of the world's first billionaire.

You can easily build your referral team by sending invitation letters, informing your friends about the latest members only offer or by sharing interesting Paid Emails with them. More details are provided in your Members Login Page.

4) Receive Cheque or Money Transfer through PAYPAL
Once your account reaches our minimum payout of S$11, you can request for a cash-out. For Singapore and Malaysia members, you can cash out your earning through cheque or paypal. For International members, you can cash out through paypal. All payment will be made in Singapore dollars."

It sound likes unbelievable, aren’t there?
When I first encounter EmailCashPro, I feel that it was impossible we will get paid by just reading the emails. So, I decided to make some simple researches on it. I found that EmailCashPro had been featured in thesundaytimes and ShinMin Daily News (Newpapers of Singapore).

It also featured in the MRT!!!

Other than that, when you refer emailcashpro to your friends, you can earn points from them, in this example, when you refer emailcashpro to 20 friends, they will be your 1st layer, when this 20 friends refer emailcashpro to another 20 friends (each of them), you will get 400 downline at your 2nd layer, when this 400 downline recommend emailcashpro to another 20 friends, you will get 8,000 downline at your 3rd layer, and for 4th layer, I think no need me to explain, you now get it already, right? It sounds like unbelievable right? I don't think so because if you never give up, 1729 Singapore Dollars can be yours for each month! Refer the picture below for calculation.

Other than that, from “Is EmailCashPro aScam?” by Paul Immanuel, I would like to highlight a few points stated in this article:

1) It does not ask you to 'top up' cash to improve your earnings.
Topping up cash goes against the logic of advertising where advertisers PAY for viewers to see advertisements. EmailCashPro helps us increase our earnings by letting us share useful advertisements with our friends and referrals.
2) It is based in a highly transparent country.
EmailCashPro is based in Singapore, where you would get the death sentence for smuggling the tiniest bit of heroin.
3) Its business is founded firmly on advertising, not on members' money.
EmailCashPro pays out according to a conversion scale, depending on the revenue it earns in a month. This conversion rate is revealed to all members. As said, members do not have to pay to increase their earnings rate.
4) Genuine advertisers advertise through EmailCashPro.
At the receiving end, you get to CHOOSE the kind of emails to read especially those that truly suit your interests (like true programs to earn money). Advertisers are legitimate businesses who seek to reach the internet audience through EmailCashPro.
5) It pays by cheque or PAYPAL.
There are many testimonies on its website (and mine as well) that readers have been paid. Moreover,PAYPAL is one of the most secure online transaction merchants. This is attested to its links to Visa, Mastercard, Amex etc. If you haven't signed up for 
6) Its referral system truly works.
EmailCashPro has been around for many years and its current members stands more than 294,000 worldwide.
7) Special Bonuses for FREE!
At this point of writing, there are 2 special bonuses to teach you how to be a better internet marketeer. One bonus includes a library of tools to develop your marketing strategy. The other bonus, well... it's a slam! And I'll leave it you find out more when you sign up with EmailCashPro. (a small hint: it's about 
Google Adsense).
Other than that, from a conclusion from the Blog: Five Cents Ten Cents: Is EmailCashPro a Scam , the blogger stated that EmailCashPro is worthwhile to give it a try mainly for the educational aspects. Besides, I read through the testimonials from the members of EmailCashPro, and they do receive cheque or payment through PAYPAL.
As the saying goes, “Never Try Never Know”, since it is totally FREE, I make the decision to try it out. How about you? Want to join me for earning money just by reading emails? CLICK HERE! Please take note, the Sigh Up button is at the bottom of the page.

After successful registration, please add me as your friends in Facebook, my Facebook Account: 
Xavier Chang

I will try my best in helping you to build up your team. Join me now and become one of my downline! 


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