Monday, 22 October 2012

Fireflies in Kuala Selangor (Kampung Kuantan)

      Have you heard about Fireflies in Kuala Selangor?If not, I think you have to check it because it is really a great place that you cannot miss it if you are in Malaysia or want to have a visit to Malaysia. Kuala Selangor is a small coastal village nourthwest of Kuala Lumpur. On the Selangor River you can spot the famous fireflies (Kelip-Kelip in Bahasa Melayu) during evenings/nights. The fireflies all are found on the mangrove tree species called berembang. It is said that this is one of the biggest firefly colonies in the world.
If you want to check out the fireflies yourself, you should head out to Kampung Kuantan (9km from Kuala Selangor) in the beginning of the evening. There you can arrange an eco-friendly rowing boat; a local boatman (guide) will escort you. There are opening hours to take into account; you can visit the attraction between 8.00pm and 10.30pm daily (except for rainy days).

      I able to get the chance to visit this incredible places with my ecology field trip for last two days. For the opportunities to see the fireflies, you need to buy a ticket, RM 50 per boat and the maximum passengers for each boat is 4 person. the boat is running by man-power, I guess this is why the maximum passengers were only 4 person. it is very worth for me to see the fireflies. when you travelling through the river, you can see a lot of fireflies in colonies on the "Pokok Berembang"- a local name for the plants which fireflies feed on them. 

      The guide (our boatman) told us that the frequency of the blinking of a male firefly is 3 times per second while a female firefly is only 1 time per second. This is the way the male firefly attracts their mates?Isn't it is cool? I unable to catch on the picture as I did not have a DSLR, but our guide said that we could not use flash light to catch the picture, because we will unable to see the fireflies. So, unable to upload pictures here. If you want to see the pictures, I have a link for you, just check through here.

       the only picture that I get, and it is not clear because my phone doesn't have flash light....hehe

      The tour itself was amazing and almost magical. I can see that the colonies of fireflies in the Berembang tree make them shinning just like a Christmas Tree that were decorated with a lot of LED lights. How nice if i can chop down 1 and place it in my home...hahaha..just a joke. Other than that, we even pulled close to a tree to just sit there for a while to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere. We visited the park during a moonlit night; but we still could see the fireflies very good. However, I can imagine that the light is perhaps even better visible during a darker night. Our guide also told us that before this, the light sources is not that much, but now when the light sources become more from the jeti, the lights of the fireflies becomes less outstanding.

      Through here, I also wish to advice all our lovely visitors to not catching the fireflies, when we catch them, we will making them injured indeed. Visitors were also not allowed to bring back this cute fireflies back home as RM 1000 will be funded per firefly. But don't be sad, your paid will be awarded with the sight-seeing of the fireflies and I dare to say you will wish to have another visit again to this cool and amazing place. So, this is to protect the fireflies colony in Kuala Selangor. How is it sound-like?Do leave your comment...Hope to heard what you think about this place from you all...^^

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