Friday, 5 October 2012

Walking Fish??

Have you seen a walking fish before? I does...I get the chance on seeing this cute walking fish in Sitiawan Pasir Panjang Tua Pek Kong temple (大伯公庙).  There is a mangrove swamps besides of the temple and can be considered a good sightseeing places. we can see monkeys,
crabs, eagles and a lot of walking fishes. You will able to see the walking fishes resting on the tree trunk and rocks. There were also a lot of holes in the muddy swamp which was dig by the walking fishes. I was lucky enough to see how they dig the hole in the mangrove. The way they swim is not the same as fishes that we normally seen. I think they breath through lungs, not gills because their head will floating on top of the water when swimming and they did not go deep into the sea, they only stay at the places that is shallow. They are very very cute. I am not able to take a lot of pictures because I did not bring my camera along with me at that time, only a few pictures I managed to catch for this cute little fishes. 

Cute Walking fishes

 you can see they are queuing! Aren't they cute???

Way to see the walking fishes

The surroundings of the mangrove swamp

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