Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Have you been going to the I-City in Shah Alam? I think the answer is yes for all those that like to take photograph. I had went to there last month for a 1 day trip at Kuala Lumpur. We reached I-City at around 6.30 pm, at that time the light already turned on but since the sky still haven't dark enough, the light seem to be not very outstanding.

But every things is different after 7.00 pm, when the sky turned dark, all the lights are so so so outstanding!!it is really very nice. If you haven't went to I-City before, I strongly recommend you to take a chance and went to there.

I think Flamingo is one of the theme for I-City because I can see quite a number of them at there and even at the wall of OLDTOWN White Coffee

Besides of fantastic digital light show in I-City , next to the forest lights is Snowalk which in an indoor snow park where visitors can escape from the tropical heat for a while. I think most of the kids will be very delighted for a Snowalk at here. Warm jackets will be provided, and the entrance fees is RM 25 per adult and RM 20 per child. I miss out the chance for a Snowalk because I have plenty of time. I feel so sorry for not entering the indoor snow park, for next time visit, I must step my foot inside the snow park for a Snowalk.

Other than that, there were also an outdoor theme park which include Ferris Wheel, Pirate Ship and many others for you to enjoy your holiday. The most recommended was the Ferris Wheel. If my estimation is correct, it is about 10 floors high. I unable to squeeze myself inside this Ferris wheel because I am a person that fear of height. 

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