Wednesday, 26 September 2012

How to study effectively?

Tips to study effectively during last minute before Examination.
            Hi, Xavier here. Now should be just left about 1 and a half more months for those who  sit for SPM this year. As I know, there should be quite a lot of people that same like me, who like to study in the last minute before the examination. Are you feeling worried because haven finish the syllabus for your exam? Don’t worry, you can follow my tips, I was using them since I was in Form 1….Hahaha….I am still using them although I am now already a university student now.
            Now, I would like to share it with you all:
Tips 1:
Own notes or mind map should be done earlier, if you just left plenty of time, throw away this idea and concentrate on the notes or books that you used frequently. This method helps more in enhancing your memory because you are more familiar with it. This is not well-recommended in usual study manner but when in last minute study it is the most effective way. 

Tips 2:
Repeat a statement that you need to memorize before go to the next statement. Don’t wait after finish reading the whole book then only you repeat reading for the second time. I had tried both of these ways and I found that the 1st way is more effective in memorizing.

 Tips 3:
I haven finish study yet? How? Don’t panic, don’t burning the midnight oil and force yourself to finish the syllabus. When you just left plenty of time, think of the topics that were hot and have higher percentages coming out in examination. Focus more on them. Don’t use your time in studying the topics that you are not familiar at all, this will take most of your study time, if you are just reading but not understand at all, what for you waste your time?

Tips 4:
Highlight. I think we all are familiar with highlight right? But have you practice it? Don’t worry to let your book to become dirty because of highlight. It is important as you can know where is the main point is.

Tips 5:
Feeling nervous? Put down your book; continue reading doesn’t help at all. It will only make you feel more nervous. Do something you like to relax yourself. For me, I would like to play games. But, control yourself, take 5 to 10 minutes break and you should continue your journey (studying).

tips 6:
Browse through the pass year paper. The questions will definitely not the same, but format are normally more or less the same...When you browse through you will found that they are just repeating, this method is very recommended on Mathematics and Additional Mathematics 
Hope my tips can help you…^^ Add oil…

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