Wednesday, 12 September 2012

What? Grapes plant in Malaysia???!!

           Hey friends, have you pay a visit to Cameron Highlands? I think most of your answer will be yes. But have you pay a visit to the Grapes plantation area that are situated near to the Blue Valley Farm, Tanah Rata, Pahang, Malaysia? Nowadays, Malaysians no need spend a lot of money to travel oversea to see the grapes plants in Taiwan, New Zealand, and many other countries that are famous with their grapes plants. I had visited Cameron Highlands about 3 months ago, I think it is June at that time.
           After reading the news from the newspaper, I plan to pay a visit to this grapes plant farm. This grapes plants farm is owned by the KC Kwang & Son Sdn Bhd. The grapes were so so so big you know? Just not like the usual one that were planted in other places in Malaysia, so small. The person in charge allow me to go inside the plantation area but he told me that the grapes are good to see, not to touch. this is because when we touch the grapes with our fingers, it can spoiled the grapes quality.
           I still remember how excited i was when I step inside the plantation area, there were so so so many of grapes that are waiting to be harvested. they are all big, round, and dark purple in colour. The person in charge also told me that there were only 2 seasons can harvest the grapes. Once in June and the other time will be on Disember. So, if you plan to go for a holiday at Cameron Highlands to see the grapes, you should be alert with the timing because the grapes plant only can be harvested for two times throughout the year. Here is some of the pictures that I taken in the Grapes Farm.

Nice right? Lets plan a visit to Cameron Highlands this coming holiday at Disember...^^
         Other than that, I also pay a visit to FAMA, Cameron Highlands, there are a lot of flora can be found at there, this including strawberry, which was the identity of Cameron Highlands, and many other plants that I forgot their names, they all have scientific names and if you are a teacher, you can plan a trip to there, it will make a good choices because students can learn while enjoying the cool breeze at there...I have some other great places to recommend to you if you are planning to go to Cameron Highland, wish to know? Just click HERE and HERE.


Navaneetham Krishnan said...

I wish I can grow grapes and trail them over my pergola. These are so lovely and wow, imagine picking your grapes from your own garden.

Xavier Chang said...

yup...It is very nice...and strawberry too...and the cool breeze...everyday you are "fresh"...^^

Real Estate Ipoh -Viking said...

Hi Xavier can i buy grape leaf from you. Im staying in ipoh

Real Estate Ipoh -Viking said...

Hi Xavier can i buy grape leaf from you. Im staying in ipoh

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